Steps For Adding An Exchange Server Account In Microsoft Outlook

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Microsoft Outlook lets you setup your favourite email account in it in order to send and receive emails. Users just need to configure the Outlook setting for this. The configuration steps vary depending on Outlook version for setting up the Exchange Server Account.

Instructions for configuring the Outlook setting

  • If you have already kept your Outlook application open, make sure that it is closed. Now, go to the Start button and select Control Panel from the menu. In the Control Panel window, locate the Mail icon and double-click it to open.
  • Press E-mail Accounts option in the Mail Setup screen.
  • Go to the E-mail tab and press the New button to add a new account.
  • Choose the option that says Manually configure server settings or additional server types and proceed by selecting the Next option.
  • Choose Microsoft Exchange as the e-mail service provider and press Next to continue.
  • Go to the Settings window and fill in the following details in the given fields.

Microsoft Exchange Server: the server name for your account

Username: type the username of your account.

Press Next followed by Finish.

  • If Outlook prompts you to retype your username, do so.

Username: type your username

Password: type your account password.

  • Press OK to continue.
  • To see the headers of the message, go to the main Outlook window and choose an email message in the inbox.

    Microsoft Outlook 2010

           Outlook 2010 setting

  • Ensure that each email message in the inbox has delivery as well as header details as header lines.
  • Following this, double-click on the message and select the options such as File, Info and Properties.
  • To display internet headers field located at the bottom part of the message, go to the Properties section and select appropriate options.
  • In order to the save the header information, select the information and the right-click. This will display a pop-up window with Edit menu.
  • Choose Copy from the Edit menu.
  • Open a new window and go to the clipboard. Paste the information there.
  • Exit the window now.

I hope the above given steps were useful to you for configuring Outlook setting in Microsoft Outlook 2010 to setup an Exchange Server Account. Please feel free to contact the Outlook help desk, if you come across any unexpected errors or problems while configuring the application.

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