Windows 8 Uses Less RAM As Compared To Windows 7

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It has been almost two years since Windows 8 officially entered the market. But somewhere, the so-called modern operating system has not been able to satisfy Windows users as much as earlier versions such as XP and Windows 7 did. Most users, who had installed the operating system in their computers started to compare Windows 7 vs Windows 8 and claimed that they were happy using the older version.

However, according to the Windows 8 technical support team, using Windows 8 has its own advantages as compared to the aged operating systems. One of the prime features of Windows 8 is that the usage of RAM is less in this operating system. Pit Windows 7 vs Windows 8, and the latter scores in this regard. Apparently this is a planned modification by Microsoft in Windows 8. The software company has enabled this option to make the OS more user-friendly and for reducing power requirements for portable devices, to make the OS less demanding and friendlier to such devices. These are usually said to have far less power on tap than a personal computer. There were several points mentioned in the blog which stressed on the introduction of various methods in Windows 8 for reducing the operating system’s memory footprint compared to that of Windows 7’s.

One of the points mentioned about the memory usage of Windows 8 is about memory combining. This amazing feature in Windows

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8 helps to assess the contents of RAM in a PC, of which in most cases some would be held in reserve or duplicated. Windows 8 thus effectively deletes the duplicate versions and increases the free space in RAM. This way, it is also possible to create additional versions if certain programs require their own private versions. Many services, such as Plug-and-Play and Windows Update are now trigger-started, which means that they are launched only when required. However, in the previous operating systems such as Windows 7, these services started automatically with the OS, eating up the RAM. For consolidating memory use in Windows 8, the operating system has been made to work in the Metro UI mode, which is more suited to tablets.

Hence, Windows 8 is definitely not a bad operating system as stated by several PC purists. As per sources, in the coming days, Windows 8 will definitely become a favorite among the users.