Windows 7 vs Windows 8 comparison on performance, stability and verdict

Windows 7 vs windows 8: Performance and Stability

The news that Microsoft spread in various conferences, discussions and meetings clearly reveal that Windows 8 will be marginally faster than Windows 7. Until now, Windows 7 continued to be the speed king, but with the advent of Windows 8, Microsoft’s brand new operating system, it is said that booting will me more quick in Windows 8 and it also uses memory more efficiently than that would have used by Windows 7 when run on the same hardware. Microsoft also promises a better battery life in this new operating system.

Lion and Windows

Microsoft says that they haven’t noticed any performance difference in OS X Snow Leopard and OS X Lion. Windows support millions of possible hardware and software combinations because it crash often inevitably. But from the news and reports obtained so far, Windows 8 is likely as stable as Windows 7, or may be even more. And thus it is expected that Windows 8 is going to be reasonably solid. The tight integration of hardware and software in Apple means Lion should be having more stability than Windows, but that is not what is found always. Lion had shipped with some bugs that included a video nasty causing the entire system to lock up at the first glance of a video clip. However, such bugs are squashed now and since the last OS X update, Lion has been rock solid.       

Windows 7 was actually the Windows Vista made properly, but Windows 8 is never the Windows 7 done properly. But it’s an entirely different move of Microsoft. Windows 8 could be told as the biggest change in Windows since we went from Windows 3.x to Windows 95. If you have loved the Windows 7 operating system you would surely want to upgrade to Windows 8. The Lion is obviously a desktop-only system: in Apple-land there are no styluses, and now at least OS X and iOS are 2 different operating systems for 2 kinds of devices. Windows 8 on the other hand spans everything giving a consistency across tablets, Phones and PCs.

So that’s some mapping of Windows 7, Windows 8 and Lion operating systems. Wish you a great choice and great day!