Windows 7 vs Windows 8 in terms of Browser

In the run-up to the release of Windows 8, the most debated topic in the computing world has obviously been- Windows 7 vs Windows 8. And if the promises made by Microsoft come true, Windows 8 is sure to outdistance Windows 7 by a huge margin. Microsoft says that Windows 8 is by no means a mere rectified version of Windows 7, but a repository of quite a few state-of-the art utilities that are capable of redefining our Windows experience forever.

The Hottest Topic

One reason why Windows 8 happens to be a hot topic for discussion is that it offers a host of features that users have never even heard of. The Immersive Browser is one such component in Windows 8 that has generated a lot of queries from the part of users. While analyzing Windows 7 vs Windows 8 in terms of browser capabilities, it can be rightly said that the Immersive Browser is not merely an improved version of its predecessor in Windows 8, but an altogether advanced platform that caters to your multifarious online needs.

What is the Immersive Browser all about?

The Immersive Browser in Windows 8 is much more than an overhaul over the browser in Windows 7, providing a better online experience to users. It offers quite an impressive interface that has been created by Microsoft’s Metro based design language. Its latest screenshots present a tiled interface with options to track to your most visited online apps.

Reports say that the Immersive Browser resembles the Google Chrome web browser. Although it gives you only a few controls on the screen, it provides quite a few options that are needed to browse websites efficiently.

Moreover, the interface contains back and forward buttons, an improved address bar, favicons   and all those options that were there in Windows 7. The navigation bar and controls have been moved to the bottom of the screen, much to the convenience of users.

Unlocking the Immersive Browser

Many of you who have been using the Windows 8 Developer Preview would think that the Immersive Browser is a hidden utility. Well, it’s actually not. The browser resides in the Microsoft folder under Program Files. The browser folder contains several system files and apps that need to be unlocked, for which you may rely on tools such as Blue Poison or Red Pill.

There are quite many promises made by the Immersive Browser and by Windows 8 at large.

However, who will win the race of Windows 7 vs Windows 8 is a question that could be answered only by time.