Windows 7 vs Windows 8: Startup process

While comparing Windows 8 with Windows 7 you will be able to spot a lot of differences. Microsoft has made drastic changes in its new OS, which is sure to win the hearts of its users. And there is not much reason to think otherwise, with all its new features and stunning looks! It looks like with Windows 8, Microsoft is hoping to change the traditional way of users communicating with the operating system.  To know if people will accept this new OS or not is something that can be said only after its official release. Currently, Microsoft has only released the developer preview of Windows 8 and its official release is expected by somewhere around 2012.

Like I said before, Windows 8 is equipped with a lot of new features, some of which are the new interface called Metro, an exclusive Windows application store, improved transfer feature, quick installation procedure, cloud support, improved startup process, Microsoft Support etc. In this article, we are going to discuss the startup process of the Windows 8 operating system.

Information on the Windows 8 startup process 

While starting your computer using the Windows 8 operating system, you will be greeted first with a version of your Microsoft’s logo. What you missed out is the actual OS boot process which has already begun.

If you have configured your device with multiple operating systems of Windows, a new boot will give you the option to select the operating system that you like to work on.

Boot menu in the new metro interface is even touch sensitive and you will also be given an onscreen keyboard for using the options of command prompt in the boot menu.

Other than multiple operating system choices, you will also be given options like booting in to command prompt. The icons of these options are larger and much simpler.

Our Microsoft Support team also says the you will be able to reboot into the Windows recovery environment using the command prompt option. The Windows recovery environment is also equipped with a graphical user interface which offers a dynamic experience for users.

If, in case, your computer has a faulty driver installed on it, you can remove it from the new boot screen itself by using the command prompt in Windows recovery environment. In this way, you can repair your faulty driver even before your operating system boots. The boot time of Windows 8 is also less when compared to Windows 7.

That’s all with the information about Windows 8 start up process.