Which Operating System Gives The Best Gaming Performance?

Windows 7 vs Windows 8

      Features of Windows 7

With the release of Windows 8, gaming enthusiasts are on the roll to find out, which is the best operating system for games, Windows 8 or its predecessor Windows 7. In this Windows 7 vs Windows 8 comparison article for games, we will find out which operating system gives you the best performance for your favorite games.

Before we begin the comparison, one basic point to know is that the games, which work on Windows 7, should certainly work on Windows 8, the latter one being the advanced operating system. In addition, a few games work only on the latest operating system. However, we are not talking about the casual games, or compatibility issues. We will find out how the 3D games will perform on both the operating systems.

Both the operating systems are actually the best when it comes to selection of your computer for gaming. Both of them can give you great performance and intended results. However, Windows 8 is the latest operating system and it is always a good strategy to choose the latest one, since it will have support for various applications and resources than its predecessors.

Now, if you do not like the new user interface of Windows 8 like many others, you can go for Windows 7. Some people are also annoyed with the absence of Start button in Windows 8. However, Microsoft is all set to release Windows 8.1, which will take care of your grievances. Keep in mind that Windows 8.1 will still lack the Start button, but if you are well attached to the Start button, you would need to install programs like Pokki or Start 8.

Direct X support

        Features of Windows 8

While comparing Windows 7 vs Windows 8 display support, we actually do not find any considerable differences in the frame rate and this means that any game will work on both the operating systems with the same speed if you have the same hardware configurations on both the computers.

Now, when it comes to Direct X support, Windows 8 offers full support while Windows 7 offers only partial support. In addition, the latest games that are set to release may contain features that may not work in Windows 7 even though it might be difficult to notice these differences apart from a small reduction in graphics quality.

Therefore, it is clear that Windows 8 has a slight advantage over its predecessor when it comes to gaming. However, choosing Windows 7 over Windows 8 will not disappoint you either, as these differences are negligible.