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If the promises made by Microsoft come true, Windows 8 is sure to catapult over the boundaries of traditional operating systems. Apart from assuring to deliver hitherto unseen features like the Immersive Browser and the Metro Style desktop, Microsoft guarantees that Windows 8 shall be an incredibly fast and efficient computing platform.

And in the run-up to the launch of the new OS, the most debated topic in the computing world has obviously been about the factors that make Windows 8 a worthwhile upgrade option. Reviews so far indicate that in the contest of Windows 7 vs Windows 8, the latter is sure to outscore its rival. In this post, let us have a look at some of the reasons why you should upgrade to Windows 8.

Incredibly Fast and Secure Startups

The startup tests conducted by several developers reveal that the new OS boots up twice as fast as its predecessor Windows 7 does. In fact, Windows 8 proved to be even faster than the much-hyped Mountain Lion (Apple’s desktop OS). The booting is not only quick, but highly secure as well. The Secure Boot feature developed by Microsoft ensures that no malicious elements meddle with your Windows 8 PC as it boots up.

An Unbelievable Range of New Apps

As you might know well, one of the promises made by Microsoft was that Windows 8 would be a completely new world of apps. A host of full-screen, touch-friendly, web-connected apps have been developed for Windows 8 in tune with the requirements of mobile computing. These new apps have been programmed to display relevant information on their Start screen tiles- something that has been impossible until date. The installation and removal processes are a breeze, and once you are signed in, you do not have to pay again for the updates.

Enhanced Integration with SkyDrive

With the advent of Windows 8, Microsoft’s flagship cloud service- SkyDrive has become accessible for almost any application that wants to tap it. And the best part is that the new OS comes with built-in support for cloud computing. It lets you backup your PC settings as well, so that you could replicate your desired environment once you get a new PC.

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Unmatched Security 

As most analysts opine, Windows 8 is the most secure platform from Microsoft yet. The above-mentioned Secure Boot feature coupled with foolproof scrutiny of app downloads ensure that hardly a malicious object hits your PC.

Well, that is all for now about Windows 7 vs Windows 8. Order your own version of this latest operating system and check out these features for yourself.