Windows 8 Pro or RT- which one to choose!

Windows 8 upgrade, Windows RT

Windows 8 versions

Windows 8 will be reaching the users in three forms- Standard, Windows 8 Pro and Windows 8 RT. While Standard and Pro are meant for desktop-laptop machines, RT version is meant for tablets and smartphones. The Runtime or RT version is entirely different from the other two versions. The design and hierarchy have difference as the interface and operational modes will be different.

Users who are planning for Windows 8 upgrade from Windows 7 for their systems should be deciding which one would be better for their interface and machine. This article will help you with the requirements about Windows 8 upgrade.


The most important point in the upgrading part is that you can’t upgrade to Windows RT from anything. As it is a brand new version of Windows, none of the previous platforms will support it. Current Windows 7 users can upgrade to the standard Windows 8 from Windows 7 Starter, Home Basic or Home Premium. However, the installation should be a clean one for upgrading Windows 7 Ultimate or Professional. From any version of Windows 7, you can jump to Windows 8 Pro.

Hardware Support

Here is the major difference that matters. The difference between Windows RT and Windows 8 are explained here. Windows RT runs only on ARM-powered devices, whereas Windows 8 runs on x86 devices. RT will run on an Intel or AMD powered PC; on the other hand, Windows 8 will not run on an ARM powered device like new Surface tablet.


There are major interface differences also. Though Windows RT and Windows 8, both run the new Metro interface, Windows 8 can be switched back to the traditional Desktop for older apps. Windows RT cannot have the old Windows Desktop apps, not even the Microsoft apps (well, you can forget about the third party desktop software!).

Software and Compatibility

Windows RT has Microsoft Office preinstalled, while Windows 8/Pro doesn’t have that feature. Windows 8/Pro, to compensate this shortcoming, is compatible with existing Windows programs, which Windows RT is not.

Windows 8 upgrade, Windows RT

Windows 8 versions


Windows RT does not have many features of Windows 8/Pro. Windows Media Player or Storage Spaces, Bitlocker encryption, Group Policy management, domain support, and Remote Desktop, none of these standard features works in RT version of the operating system.  Only the other two versions of Windows 8 have these features.