Apple Drops Windows 7 Support

Windows 7 Vs Windows 8

Manufacturers Opting Android Over Windows

Apple has revealed that the new Mac Pro will have no Windows 7 support which makes the Windows 8 OS the only viable option for Bootcamp. However the company has not revealed why they dropped support for Windows 7 on the most powerful Mackintosh device. Incidentally the number of Bootcamp users is very low, and most people who buy the Apple device use the default Mac OS anyways.

Considering that the Windows 8 OS is bears less resemblance to a professional PC operating system and shares more features with a mobile oriented OS with touch capability choosing to get rid of Windows 7 vs Windows 8 does not seem like a particularly good idea. Most Mac Pro users would never even have considered using the Windows 8 operating system. Even if they did opt for a Windows operating system on their Mac Pro the more popular choice out of Windows 7 vs Windows 8 is the former.

Many attribute the new technology used in Mac Pro as the reason for cancelling Windows 7 support on Mac Pro. With it’s high-end technology there is big chance that most drivers are too advanced for Windows 7 support. However Widows 7 is quite popular among most operating systems and it is odd that Intel or AMD have chosen not to make drivers for this Windows version.

Even if the Mac Pro does not sell as many units the Bootcamp only gets an update for adding Windows 8 operating systems. There are two things this move can cause. Either the number of Bootcamp users will see a decline, or Windows 8 might become a trend on Mac devices as a large number of Mac users prefer using many of Microsoft products like MS Office.

Professional Pc Operating System

Windows 8 Os May See Sales Boost

Putting aside the software, Apple devices have gained immense popularity among laptops especially as once leading manufacturers like HP and Dell have seen their popularity reduce considerably over the past few months, with Apple devices gaining more ground. The only people who seem to be netting a profit are personal computer manufacturers Lenovo.

The market is definitely shrinking, but if Apple can gain a better foothold with Windows 8 by their side, they might capitalize and dominate the market soon enough. This is particularly a golden opportunity for both Microsoft and Apple to reap in profits as more and more Computer manufactures are jumping over to Android OSs leaving the market open for a dominant seller.