Windows 8 Finally Turns Out To Be A Winner

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Of late, many reports stated that Windows 8 is Microsoft’s biggest failure and has been rejected by all the users. The decision of Microsoft to omit some of the basic features and totally change the basic interface has been termed as the reason of the dismal shown by the latest version of the operating system. However, recently some interesting reports have come up which contradict these findings. According to Net Applications, the market share of Windows 8 has increased to over 7.4% in terms of usage amongst the users.

When Windows 8 was launched, many users started to compare Windows 7 vs Windows 8 and that was the prime reason that they got confused with the latest features of the latter. Until now, Windows 7 remains the most popular operating system and according to experts, it is likely to remain so for some time. However, now with Windows 8 being used on more than 7% of all PCs, Microsoft seems to revive its supremacy now. Windows 8 usage has increased spectacularly over the last month, gaining the market share by almost 2.01 percentage points i.e. up from 5.4% to 7.41%. At the same time, Windows 7 usage has also increased, up by 1.14% to 45.63%.

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Microsoft had introduced the preview of Windows 8.1 that can be downloaded for free by all Windows 8 users via the Windows Store. Hence, most users tried upgrading their systems to Windows 8 as then, they could get a free version of Windows 8.1. Microsoft has also cut down the prices of its devices such as Surface RT and Pro tablets. Another reason for the increase in the Windows 8 usage is that Microsoft had announced that they would be ending the support for Windows XP by next year.

This came as a perfect market strategy from Microsoft to promote Windows 8 because most of the enterprises, which were using Windows XP as their primary operating system, decided to upgrade to Windows 8. This simply means that most of the users who had earlier compared Windows 7 vs Windows 8, decided to finally get used to the modern features in it.

However, with both Windows 8 and Windows 7 showing increase in the usage, it is the old versions such as Windows Vista and Windows XP that have got affected the most. Hence, although Windows 8 was loathed by critics, it is turning out to be the version that is going to stay here for long.

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