Note The Differences Between Windows 8 And Windows 7

Windows 7 Vs Windows 8

       Features Of Windows 8

When talking about Windows 7 vs Windows 8, there are some new features and functions that make Windows 8 much superior to the Microsoft’s most popular operating system – Windows 7. Here are some features that will convince the users that Widows 8 is far ahead of Windows 7.

Windows is more touch friendly

One of the most important features of the Windows 8 operating system is that the OS is more touch centric, which will provide a tablet kind of experience for the users. In the new OS, you need to just tap on the icon to launch it or open a program instead of the traditional double clicking method. Moreover, it is possible to switch back and forth between the desktop and touch modes if you have a convertible Ultra book. All the users can use Windows 8 on their computers. It functions well with both touch and desktop computers.

Windows 8 loads faster

When comparing Windows 7 vs Windows 8, Window 8 has the ability to load faster, which helps the users to start working with the PC as quickly as possible. This will be really helpful in cases where you need to quickly open your computer for personal or official purposes. Even though downloading Windows 8 takes some time, the lost time will be made up every time you open the Windows computer.

Windows 8 compatible with old programs and apps

Windows 8 Support

                   Windows 8 Pros

One of the best things about Windows 8 OS is that it is equally compatible with all the programs and software that are installed in your Windows 7 computer. This means that when you are upgrading your OS from Windows 7 to Windows 8, you can run the same apps and programs that used to run in your Windows 7 computer. To know about the programs that are compatible with Windows 8, there is an option included in the new OS. Make use of that specific feature to know the compatibility of the Windows 7 programs and apps in Windows 8.

Windows 8 coming with the latest browser

Windows 8 is coming to the users with a new version of Internet Explorer called Internet Explorer 10. This new update features an Enhanced Protection Mode, which will offer additional security when opening websites containing malicious items. This will help your Windows 8 computers to run efficiently and without any problems.

To know more about Windows 8 OS or how to install the same in your computer, contact our Windows 8 support desk.

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Businesses Must Plan Upgrading From Windows 7 Soon

windows8 (1)

Features Of Windows 8

For the past few months, we have all been hearing about the necessity of upgrading from Windows XP operating system and there have been many posts on Windows 7 vs Windows 8 for choosing the operating system to upgrade to. It was inevitable for Windows XP users to make an upgrade due to the end of extended support from Microsoft. Now, according to the industry experts, it is time for big organizations and companies that use Windows 7 operating systems to plan an upgrade.

According to Kleynhans, even though the support date for the operating system extends until January 2020, it is necessary that organizations plan the upgrade prior to this. Kleynhans says, “The end of support for Windows 7 will be January, 2020, assuming there are no changes to its current support life cycle. While this feels like it’s a long way off, organisations must start planning now, so they can prevent a recurrence of what happened with Windows XP.”


Windows 8 Upgrade

As you all know, there are just two operating systems available for Windows 7 users to upgrade to, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Windows 8 was released in 2012 and Windows 8.1 a year after. Windows 8.1 is also considered by many as an upgrade to Windows 8, which received negative reviews from many corners. So, which operating system do you think the organizations might plan to upgrade? Experts believe that most of the companies might avoid both these operating systems because, Microsoft is in the process of developing a new operating system called Windows 9. It is expected that this operating system would be released by the end of this year. Therefore, most of the organizations may avoid Windows 8 operating systems and wait for the release of Windows 9.

Some experts also believe that some companies might try Windows 8 operating system to upgrade. However, they may not try for a complete hardware change and instead may only look only for an operating system upgrade. Kleynhans says that making an upgrade to Windows 8 from Windows 7 is not an easy task. This is because some of the applications, which work with the existing Windows 7 PCs in the organization, may not function properly in Windows 8.

When you do a Windows 7 vs Windows 8 comparison, it can be found that even though Windows 8 has more features, people still prefer the features and easy to use interface of Windows 7. This is the reason why Windows 7 still remains on the top position among operating systems.

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Should You Switch To Windows 8 From Windows 7

Windows 7 vs Windows 8

        Windows 7 Vs Windows 8 Information

Windows 8 is the latest installment in the series of Windows operating system software developed by the Redmond based software giant Microsoft Corporation. Windows 8 is nothing like any of the operating systems seen by the Windows users till date. Microsoft considers the operating system software to be their most revolutionary software product every created. There are so many things new and refreshingly different when it comes to the latest Windows OS. Windows 7 vs Windows 8 comparison shows that Windows 8 has a totally revamped user interface. You cannot find much similarity in the old user interface and the new metro style adopted in Windows 8.

However, Windows 8 had a tumultuous time after its release. It is considered a failure by OS experts and users alike.  There are many issues with the operating system. One of the most conspicuous one is the difficulty to absorb the highly confusing user interface. This User Interface was supposed to make things easy for the user, but it managed to achieve the exact opposite in every sense. When you compare Windows 7 vs Windows 8, you can hardly find anything common between the two OS as far as UI is concerned. Windows 7 is what most users are familiar with, whereas Windows 8 is something entirely different. Moreover, things have not been made easy for the users to adjust to. The tutorials and help provided has left a lot to be desired. Most of the features, the users have to figure out themselves.

latest Windows OS

       Windows 7 Vs Windows 8 Comparison

Another weird thing is that the company has thought it ok to remove some useful features like the Start button. The Start button is one of the most identifiable aspects of Windows OS. Another absentee is the Start Menu. It is the place, from which you access all your programs and features. Instead of the Start Menu, there is a Start screen. No explanation has been given as to how certain features are to be accessed to get the desired OS results.

Windows 7 has been reigning supreme as the best operating system so far. It is also the most popular operating system around enjoying over fifty percent share in the operating system market. Windows 7 is by far the most solid operating systems introduced in a long time, after Windows XP.

Though Windows 8 is not the best OS around, it is certainly the one of the most advanced and modern ones. Moreover, Windows 7′s mainstream support is about to end next year. So, you might have to pay for the support services. The choice is left to you!

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Restoring Default Windows Icons In Windows 8.1 Desktop

Windows 8.1

Windows 7 Vs Windows 8 Comparison

Windows 8 was released by Microsoft two years ago and things didn’t work well for the tech giant regarding the same. if you have upgraded your system from Windows 7 OS or from Windows XP, then you will not be able to see all the default Windows icons that were familiar with the users over the years. Sometimes, when you are upgrading your computer to the latest update for Windows 8 OS, i.e. Windows 8.1, some of the classic Windows icons like My Computer, Recycle Bin, Control Panel, My Documents and Network will be missing. However, you can bring them back in the latest Windows 8.1 update by following the steps given below carefully.

In the case of all the operating systems released before Windows 8 like Windows 7, Windows XP etc, if you happened to accidently delete the icons from the desktop, you could always find them in the Start menu. You could also just drag these items from the Start menu to the desktop. This is not the case in Windows 8.1, as it does not have a traditional Start menu to begin with. When comparing Windows 7 vs Windows 8, it is possible to restore these icons in the Windows 8.1 desktop by following some easy tips given by the Microsoft help center team.

Windows 8.1 (1)

Difference Between Windows 7 & Windows 8

Restoring default icons

  • From your keyboard, press the Windows key if you are at the Windows 8.1 desktop. In to the search box that is seen, enter Recycle Bin. Now the Search Charm will display some results. Click the one that says Show or hide common icons on the desktop from the results that appear on your screen. Now a small window called Desktop Icon Settings will be opened in your screen. In the latest Windows version, the tech giant has changed the name of My Computer to This PC.
  • The window that is opened will feature only one tab and it contains five checkboxes. You will find five boxes representing the five default Windows icons from the desktop. Place checkmarks beside each of these icons that you want in the desktop. After check marking, you need to click the button called Apply followed by clicking the OK button. Now, the icons will be back on your Windows 8.1 desktop.

These tips will help you to successfully restore the classic Windows icons in your Windows 8.1 desktop. For more Windows 7 vs Windows 8 tips, contact our Microsoft support desk.

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Features In Windows 7 That Will Not Be Found In Windows 8

Windows 7 Vs Windows 8

       Windows 7 Features

When Microsoft introduced the Windows 8 operating system to the industry, they introduced some changes to the operating system interface. One of the main changes was related to the user interface. As opposed to its predecessors, Windows 8 had a tile-based design. This design, popularly known as Metro, gave a new face to the operating system. Here we discuss some of the major changes in the features of Windows 7 vs Windows 8.

One of the major differences between Windows 7 and Windows 8 is that Windows 8 lacks the Start menu button. This was the main reason that many stated for leaving aside the operating system. The absence of Start menu created chaos as old Windows users found it difficult to restart and shut down their computers. Some even claimed that the navigation features were minimized as the new tile based Start Screen occupies the whole screen.

Windows 7 vs Windows 8 debates will not be complete if we leave out the desktop gadgets available for Windows 7. Windows 8 does not have any of the popular desktop widgets like Calendar, Clock, Notes, Contacts, Currency conversion, Stocks, Weather etc that users had with the Windows 7 operating system. Not all of these widgets will be found in the sidebar of the screen. However, some of these futuristic widgets are added to the Start Screen to help people work better with Windows 8.

Futuristic Widgets

Windows 8 Pros

Another change that Windows 8 has when compared with the Windows 7 operating system is the absence of Update Notifications. Windows 7 provides its users with real time update notifications from the system tray located in the taskbar. Whereas, in the case of Windows 8, there is no such widget, as Windows 8 displays all update information on the login screen. If you choose to automatically login to your system, you may never see these notifications.

Another change that Windows 8 has when compared with Windows 7 is that the Windows media center program is not added to the operating system. The company reasoned the removal by stating that very few people used the program. However, if you would like to have it, you can install the program separately by purchasing it.

Windows Backup and Restore feature that helps the users to take a backup of their data and then restore it when needed is also absent in Windows 8, instead, it is replaced by a new feature known as File History.

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