The Key Difference Between Windows 7 And Windows 8 Versions

Windows 7 Vs Windows 8

      About Windows 8 Features

Online tech forums are flooded with Windows 7 vs Windows 8 comparisons ever since the release of the new Microsoft OS. There are plenty of useful information in such sites that will help you choose between Windows 7 and Windows 8, if you are upgrading from an old platform.

However, if you are currently using Windows 7 and are thinking about upgrading to Windows 8, you need to do some more research about the new OS before making the move. This is because Windows 8 is completely different from Windows 7 in many aspects. So, without proper research, do not pay for Windows 8, as its new interface and design may not be up to your liking.

How different is Windows 8 OS from Windows 7

One of the key points all Windows 7 vs Windows 8 assessments mention is the different user interface of the two operating systems. Microsoft was under the impression that their operating system design needed some changes in light of the popularity of touchscreen operating systems like Android. So, the old Desktop UI was replaced with the new Metro UI.

Trial Version

        Making The Windows 8 Upgrade

Though the new UI seems favourable to touchscreen device users, Microsoft has accommodated the needs of mouse-and-keyword users as well by providing a Desktop Mode feature in Windows 8. However, many Windows 7 users, who upgraded to Windows 8, do not like this option. They prefer to go back to the full Desktop UI as in their old Windows 7 OS. So, before you upgrade to Windows 8, try the trial version of the new OS and see whether the Metro UI or Desktop Mode is indeed as user-friendly as it claims to be. If you do not like it, it is better not to upgrade to Windows 8.

As far as the other OS features are concerned, Windows 8 is actually an improvement over Windows 7. Windows 8 is technically superior to Windows 7 in all respects. But, that will not convince any of the traditional users to upgrade to Windows 8. Remember that 50% of Windows 7 users have rejected Windows 8, which they see as a smartphone OS built for a bigger screen.

So, if you are using Windows 7 at the moment, hold on to it for a few more months until Microsoft releases the next Windows version. Who knows, what the next Windows OS will bring forth.

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Windows 8

Windows 7 Vs Windows 8

                Windows 8 Features

Windows 8 is one of the latest operating system, which was supposed to change the way people used computers; it did, but in the most unexpected way. Some of the users like the operating system, but still were not happy with some of the inclusions and exclusions. The list of exclusions made just changed the way users worked on the computer. Here is a Windows 7 vs Windows 8 comparison to list the pros and cons of this touch centric operating system. There are certain improvements in Windows 8 needless to say, but the system also included some not-so-great features.

Here is a comparison made on five things such as the speed, new passwords, the overall experience, performance and the most important feature – app store.


The first thing that you notice with Windows 8 operating system is the speed. The device can work at sheer speed, which is one of the most overwhelming things. Especially, boot speed is amazing that comes with a huge surprise. It is reported that Windows 8 boot speed is nine times faster than the older ones.

New passwords

Windows 8 has changed the traditional way of accepting passwords. Instead of typing passwords, Windows 8 lets you use hand gestures on one of your favorite photos. This feature is one of the coolest in Windows 8, which is actually possible.

Windows 8 experience

Apart from computers, the features of Windows 8 can be experienced the same way with other devices such as Smartphones, tablets and more. Since the operating system is touch centric, it will be a completely new experience for tab and Smartphone users. With a touch-enabled computer, you get to enjoy the most of Windows 8.


Windows 8 Operating System

                Windows 8 Apps

Windows 8 is synonymous to performance and speed. Windows 8 lets the user save a lot of time for different activities they do. Practically the performance of every task is enhanced with Windows 8.

Windows App Store

Microsoft is trying its best to provide their users with a large variety of apps for the users, just the same way Apple is offering for its users. This would help in increasing and enriching the users experience on Windows 8 operating system.

With just one missing feature, Windows 8 seems to be not so impressive, even though in actual it has great features when making a comparison of Windows 7 vs Windows 8. The exclusion of Windows Start Menu is one of the features that people could not comprehend in Windows 8.

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Windows 8 Or Windows 7- Which One's Better?

Windows 7 Vs Windows 8

                     Windows 8 Upgrade

Microsoft introduced Windows 8 almost two years ago i.e. on October 26, 2012. The operating system was touted to be the most advanced version compared to the then existing operating systems. However, in the long run, Windows 8 proved to be Microsoft’s biggest failure till date and even surpassed the likes of Windows Vista in terms of garnering criticism from customers worldwide.

But is Windows 8 actually that bad? Here, let us compare Windows 7 vs Windows 8 and check how they fare against each other when certain aspects are considered.

Advanced features

When you talk about the availability of advanced and sophisticated options, Windows 8 easily outsmarts every other existing Windows OS version, let alone Windows 7. Some of the unique features of this touch-centric OS version include live tiles, a modern Metro UI interface, Charms bar and an array of advanced applications. Moreover, the Windows 8 users also have access to the Windows Store, from where they can download the apps they desire. On the other hand, Windows 7 comprises of several essential features and concentrates more on being a user-friendly OS, which is probably why it has found more takers than its successor.

Start up and Showdown time

Windows 8 starts up faster than Windows 7, as where the latter takes more than 187 seconds to turn on, Windows 8 takes only around 25 seconds. Similarly, the latest OS version also shuts down faster compared to Windows 7.

3D graphic and gaming experience

Windows 7 outsmarts Windows 8 in these two aspects as the operating system works much faster in terms of graphic performance than Windows 8. Although both operating systems provide a similar performance in gaming, Windows 7 is said to have a slight edge over its successor.

Windows 8 Transfer

                     Windows 7 Features

Availability of Start Menu and other options

Now this is the sole factor that has made many users, who had tried the Windows 8 transfer again root for Windows 7. Due to unavailability of useful features like the Start Menu, many Windows 8 users find it difficult to perform even the basic functions in their systems. Moreover, Windows 8 comprises of two interfaces i.e. an advanced Start screen and a traditional desktop with options that enable the users to juggle between these. However, this feature is the main factor that turned out to be the nemesis of Windows 8.

Hence, if you compare Windows 7 vs Windows 8, you will find many areas where the latter scores big over its predecessor. In short, it all depends on the choice of the user- if you want the advanced features, move on to Windows 8 but if you’re looking for a more useful OS, stick on to your Windows 7 PC.

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Comparing Windows 8 Against Windows 7 In Terms Of Performance

Windows 7 Vs Windows 8

               Windows 8 Performance

When buying a new PC, a few things need to be looked at such as the processor, the RAM, the reputation of the manufacturer and the OS. If the operating system you are going to choose is Windows, again you have a couple of choices- Windows 7 and Windows 8. Under normal circumstances, you would choose Windows 8 because it is the latest operating system from Microsoft.

However, if you have chanced to hear about the Windows 8 problems and the update flaws, you will be left with a few doubtful questions. How safe is Windows 8? Does it live up to the expectations? How better is it as compared to Windows 7, the predecessor OS version? Certainly, to find answers for all these questions, you need to do a comprehensive Windows 7 Vs Windows 8 comparison. Having used both Windows 8 and Windows 7 for comparative purposes, I can give you a brief comparison between both operating systems and I am sure that this will help you in making the right choice of OS for your new PC.

Windows 7 Vs Windows 8 in terms of performance

Most of you might call an OS better in terms of its performance. The faster the OS performs, the higher the chances that it appeals to users. The OS has only partial role in determining the performance of a PC. The rest is determined by the processor and the RAM. As from my personal experience and from the experience of many of my colleagues and friends, I can say that Windows 8 performs much better than Windows 7, given that the OS is supported by better hardware configuration. This has the opposite side as well. On a low configured PC, Windows 8 would perform poorly, even worse than Windows 7.

Windows 8 Problems

                      Windows 8 Features

So, the point is, if your new PC is well configured with latest and powerful hardware components, then you better have Windows 8 on it because it could give you much better performance than Windows 7. You can see the difference between the two operating systems in the application opening time, booting time and shutting down time.

There are quite a few who complain that Windows 8 is not better than Windows 7 in any manner. But, I strongly oppose this. Windows 8 offers better performance with better hardware configuration. Furthermore, the look and feel of the operating system is much better than most of its predecessor versions.

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Windows 7 Still Leads The OS Market

windows 7 nbew

Features Of Windows 8

New reports on the use of operating systems show that Windows 7 continues to be the leader in this segment as more than half of the computers around the globe have this operating system installed in them. According to the data released by Net Applications, the share of Windows 7 PCs is 50.55 percent. The operating system has been showing growth ever since the release in 2009 and the latest reports suggest that the release of newer operating systems has not been able to put an end to this.

Even though Microsoft do not mind the increase in share of Windows 7 computers, one of the findings in the report is sure to annoy the software giant. The report shows that Windows XP still remains a strong operating system with its share of 25.27 percent PCs in the market. This means, all the warnings that Microsoft gave before the end of support date has not made much difference and Windows XP users still work with their age old operating system.

Microsoft was hoping that a large number of Windows XP customers would upgrade their operating systems to the newer Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 operating systems. However, the share of Windows 8.1 showed only a minor increase in growth. Both Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 PCs now have a combined market share of 12.54 percent.


Features Of Windows 7

One of the losers in this latest report is Apple’s Mac OSX 10.9. The operating system showed a fall of .20% market share. However, the open source operating system, Linux, improved its market share from 1.62 percent to 1.74 percent. The number of Chrome OS users was negligible and there are no reliable reports on its number of users.

So, what makes Windows 7 still a strong operating system? According to the experts, Windows 7 vs Windows 8 comparisons will give you the answer. Windows 7 has an easy to use interface and other features that are easier to work with. Even though Windows 8 gives you a new interface and numerous apps to work with, many people are still happy with their desktop interface and Windows 7, of course has the best one.

Windows 7 vs Windows 8 comparison studies have also found that many people still prefer Windows 7 owing to its high performance and stability. There is also the Start button in its desktop, which people rely on a lot. Microsoft is still persuading users to upgrade to its latest operating system as the mainstream support for Windows 7 ends next year. We will have to wait for a few more months to find out if this move helps the software giant.

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