Get Ready To Switch Operating Systems In Advance

Windows 7 Vs Windows 8

          Switching To Windows 8

Stephen Kleynhans, research vice president at Gartner Inc., the leading American information technology research and advisory firm believes users should learn a lesson from the demise of Windows XP operating system and prepare in advance for the imminent migration of the operating system. The vice president even went as far as suggesting enterprises and businesses to prepare for migration now itself!

The Vice President, while speaking in a press conference said, “Microsoft recently ended support for Windows XP and even though the end date was set in 2007 based on a life cycle support policy Microsoft introduced in 2004, many organizations were not able to completely eliminate the OS by the deadline. Nearly a quarter of PCs in organizations were still running Windows XP after support ended, leaving IT to figure out how to secure Windows XP and/or find funding to do so.”

His statements rings true since various enterprises are yet to make the switch to the operating system even though the end-of-support date was announced years ahead! He went on to say, “The end of support for Windows 7 will be January 2020, assuming there are no changes to its current support life cycle,” and added “While this feels like it’s a long way off, organizations must start planning now, so they can prevent a recurrence of what happened with Windows XP.”

He suggested that more enterprises start using Windows 8 operating system to reduce the number of Windows 7 operating systems that would have to be dealt with in the near future. This news might turn the tides in Windows 8′s favor, even though Windows 7 is winning in the race between Windows 7 vs Windows 8, albeit at a very small margin. Another alternative he suggested was to ignore migrating to a new operating system but doctor a complete system that would enable enterprises to migrate the outdated operating system without any hassles. From channeling the necessary resources to budget the migration to the logistics involved, all the important points should be factored in.

Win32 Applications

       Migrating From Windows 7

He continued to explain, “The biggest problem that organizations have with upgrading to new Windows releases is ensuring application compatibility. The vast majority of Win32 applications that run on Windows 7 will run on future releases, but having applications is only one component of application compatibility.”

We hope crucial sectors, especially government institutions and banks, recognize the need to migrate from the outdated operating system before the end of support date starts. In the event of the latest release, the tides may favor Windows 8 in the race between Windows 7 vs Windows 8.

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Windows 7 Features That Are No Longer Present In Windows 8

Windows 7 Vs Windows 8

              Features Of Windows 8

Are you getting ready to upgrade your Windows 7 operating system to Windows 8? Then, we will help you to find out what all features that you enjoyed in Windows 7 are absent in Windows 8. In this Windows 7 vs Windows 8 comparison, we will find out the top five features that could make you consider not to upgrade to Windows 8.

Aero glass theme

When Windows Vista and Windows 7 were released, one of the features that fascinated many users was the Aero glass theme. However, you will no longer find this theme in Windows 8 and according to Microsoft, the glass theme becomes irrelevant with the coming of new Start screen.

No Start button

Microsoft introduced Start button with its Windows 95 operating system and since then, it has played a major role in making Microsoft operating systems more user friendly. Just like the Aero glass theme, Start button has also made its way for the Start screen. When users press the Windows key on the keyboard, it takes them to the new Start screen rather than the old Start button, which we all loved. However, there are a few third party applications in the market, which install an alternative button similar to the Start button.

No Start menu

Since there is no start button, you cannot expect the Start menu too. The Windows logo key on the keyboard opens the Start screen and there is no Start menu in the program.

No flip 3D

Setup File

            Features Of Windows 7

One of the stylish features of Windows 7 was the Flip 3D. This feature in Windows 7 helped users to switch windows along with the aero theme. It required you to use the Windows key and the tab key together to experience this features. Even though it was not widely used, it is considered as one of the cool features of Windows 7. In Windows 8, Microsoft has come up with the feature Modern UI app switcher. You can open this feature by placing the mouse cursor on the upper left or bottom left corner of the screen. This feature does not work in case of desktop apps.

No DVD playback

Microsoft says that the use of DVDs have become rare with the increased use of various streaming services like Netflix. Therefore, the company does not provide DVD playback support in Windows 8. Users may use any of the third party applications to run DVDs.

We hope that this Windows 7 vs Windows 8 comparison has helped you to find out the various features and tools that have been removed from Windows 8. You may upgrade to Windows 8 by downloading the setup file of the operating system or by purchasing a hard copy.

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Omni Tech Support Windows 8 Transformation Pack on Windows 7

Omni Tech Support shows you how to use the Windows 8 transformation pack on a Windows 7 computer. See

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How To Get Rid Of The Annoying Babylon Toolbar

How To Remove Babylon Toolbar

About Babylon Toolbar Add-On

Malware toolbars are quite troubling. They will mess up your browser settings and will slow down its performance. Some of them are malicious applications, which will affect not just your browser, but your entire system as well. The leading tech security companies around the globe find many such malware applications masquerading as useful toolbars applications or add-ons from time to time. One such annoying add-on is the Babylon toolbar. Let us see how to remove Babylon toolbar from your computer in brief.

Get rid of Babylon toolbar

Babylon toolbar is tagged as a useful translator application. In fact, you can use this add-on for translating different texts online from one language to another. However, it does mess up your browser settings and slows downs its performance as mentioned earlier.

Since Babylon is a malware application, it might be a little difficult to get rid of it completely from the system. However, the steps mentioned here will guide you how to remove Babylon toolbar correctly, so that you can easily get rid of it from the system on your own.

Steps to follow

This toolbar application will be installed in your system as a standalone application rather than just a browser add-on. You will have to remove the browser add-on from your Windows computer first. To do that, go to the Control Panel utility, open the Add or Remove Programs wizard, and from there, uninstall Babylon toolbar application.

Tech Security Companies

          Removing Browser Toolbar

Remember that there might be more than one application or entries in the Add or Remove Programs window with names like Babylon Translator, Babylon Search, Babylon Updater, etc. Make sure that you delete all the applications associated with Babylon toolbar, if you want to get rid of the malware application completely from your system.

However, you cannot get rid of a malware application that easily. Go to the C: Drive and check if there are any Babylon toolbar files left in the system. Go to the Program Files folder and see if there is a folder titled Babylon there. If there is one, use the Shift + Delete key combination to remove it completely from the system. Make sure that you clear out the deleted files from the Recycle Bin as well and then, restart the system.

Babylon toolbar by now would be completely removed from your system. If this did not work, just use a freeware toolbar removal application for the purpose. To know how to remove Babylon toolbar using such a software, contact our tech support team online.

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Which One Is Better- Windows 7 Or Windows 8?

Windows 7 Vs Windows 8

                      Windows 7 Features

When Windows 8 was launched by Microsoft in 2012, it was projected as the next big thing to watch out for. The operating system comprised of several advanced features that were unheard of in the previous versions of Windows OS. But still, many users found this OS to be complicated and gradually switched over to the earlier versions like Windows 7 and Windows XP.

But is Windows 8 actually a flawed operating system? Well, even though many PC purists might say yes to it, the answer is a big NO! Windows 8 comprises of several out of the box features and comparing that to the aged versions like Windows 7 and XP would be a big mistake. The lack of a user-friendly interface and options is what has led to the unanimous rejection of Windows 8. After comparing Windows 7 vs Windows 8, many users have said that the latest OS boots faster and has some amazing features, which aren’t there in Windows 7. Here, let us check out some of the features that make Windows 8 totally different and advanced as compared to its predecessors.

Touch-sensitive interface

Gone are the days when you used to type a command to access the option. Nowadays, almost all the devices such as PC’s, tablets and Smartphones support a touch friendly user interface. Although this option was introduced in Windows 7, many people found it a bit complicated to operate. Hence, Microsoft has redesigned the feature in Windows 8 and made it much simpler to use.

Start Menu

It is true that Windows 8 doesn’t include the traditional Start Menu like those in Windows 7 and XP. Instead, the latest OS comprises of an enhanced Start button and desktop that looks more appealing and advanced.

ARM support


               Windows 8 Upgrade

The company has extended its platform besides x86 PC’s. The Windows 8 operating system supports ARM chip designs, which are being used in a large number of devices available nowadays.

Windows Store

Quite similar to Google’s Play Store, Microsoft has made the Windows Store available to its Windows 8 users. This includes an array of interesting applications (both free and paid) that can be downloaded into the Windows 8 devices.

Hence, if you compare Windows 7 vs Windows 8, it is certain that the latter would win the race in terms of the advanced options available. But if you compare it on the basis of how user-friendly the OS is to operate, Windows 8 lags far behind as compared to the previous versions like Windows 7 and XP.

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